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Finozen App Offers Rs.100 on Signup and Rs.100 per Referral – Detailed Post

FinoZen App New Referral Campaign :

Hello My Reader, Finozen App Offering Add Rs. 500 and Get Rs. 100 Instant Cashback and Rs. 100 Per Referral. And the Best Part is you can Get this Money Directly to your Bank Account.


Guys, Let me tell you one simple thing. We all know about the Importance of Savings & Investments in Our Life. Normally We Save our Hard Earned Money in a Bank’s Savings Account with 3-4% of Interest Per anum. And Another Option We do is to make a Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit in our Bank with Max to Max 6-8% Interest Per Anum. But in the Case of Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit, Our Money is Locked for a Specific Time Period like Minimum 1 Year.

But With FinoZen App, you can Park your Money with Finozen App & You’ll get 8-9% Interest per Year (Credited on Daily Basis) on your Money. And the Best Part is your Money is not Locked. You can Withdraw it to your Bank Account any time you want which is just Great. And Don’t Worry about your Money Security, Your Money is 100% Safe with FinoZen App. Because Finozen Works Under Rules & Regulations of RBI Guidelines. To Know More about the Finozen App, Read The Full Post. 

Have you Deposited your Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 Notes in the Bank Account yet? If Yes, then Don’t Let this Extra Money Sit Idle there, Instead Invest it through Finozen App, Earn Returns Everyday and Withdraw 24×7 Instantaneously. You can Start Investing with as Low as Rs. 500 !!

I will also be Sharing my Finozen Referral Code that Helps you to Earn Joining Bonus of Rs. 100. I will also Explain How you can Earn Solid 8.5% PA Interest from the Finozen App.

When it Comes to Secure Investment in India then Finozen its One of its Kind. It is so Quick to Get Started (Under 1 Min). The App will Give you a Lot of Benefits with Very Low Risk.

Important: I have Updated Every Bit of Details Down Below and I Want you all to Read Everything before Getting Started on Finozen App. So Let me First Start with Explaining about Finozen App and its Services.

Finozen App

What Is Finozen ?

Finozen is Basically an Android App which is Same Like your Bank. The Major Difference Between your Bank and Finozen is the Returns and the Ease of Withdrawal.

It is an Investment Application to Invest your Bank Surplus in Liquid Mutual Funds Which are Quite Safe and Give Returns Everyday.

Finozen App

While your Bank Gives you 3-4% Average Annual Interest Rate, Finozen Gives you Absolute 7.0-8.5%. That is Why Investing your Money on Such Platform will Surely Increase your Gains. Also, you can Invest as Low as Rs. 500 to Start with.

Take a Look on below Summary Chart Between your Bank and Finozen.

Finozen Offers And Benefit Structure:

FeatureSavings Bank AccountFinoZen Account
Annual Interest Rate4-6%7.0-8.5%
Interest CreditedIn 3 or 6 monthsDaily
Safety and SecurityVery HighVery High
Minimum BalanceRs. 0 – 30,000Rs. 500
Account Opening1 Week – 1 Month3 min. completely online

Avail Free Rs. 100 Finozen App Joining Bonus:

Finozen Refer

Finozen is running a very easy Referring program on which they are giving rs.100 joining bonus to each of their users. All you have to use a Finozen referral code while doing registration for a brand new account. Follow my instructions below..!!

How to Earn Unlimited with Finozen App :

  1. Download the Finozen App from Google Playstore First.
  2. When Download Completes, You have to Signup for a New Account.
  3. Now Fill your Details like Name, Number, Email and Most Importantly the Referral Code.
  4. Use my Finozen Referral Code: FDEALS at the Time of Account Creation.
  5. Enter your Bank Details Like Account Holder Name, Account Number, IFSC Code etc.
  6. Now Go ahead and add a Minimum Amount of Rs. 500/- on Your Finozen Account.
  7. You’ll Get Rs. 100 Cashback within Next 3 Days.
  8. You can also Refer your Friends to Finozen App & You can Earn Rs. 100 Per Refer Directly to your Bank Account.
  9. As FinoZen App Invest your Money to Mutual Funds so It’ll also Gives you a Steady Interest of 8-9% Per Anum but Credited on Daily Basis.
  10. So you can Add Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 10,000 to Finozen App & Watch your Money Growing at an Interest Rate of 8-9% Which is Far Better than a Bank’s Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposits.
  11. Don’t Worry about your Money Security, You Money is 100% Safe with FinoZen App. Because Finozen Works Under RBI Guidelines.
  12. App Might Ask you for More Details Like your PAN Card Image etc. Depending on Your Verification Status.
  13. After your Investment is Successful, and as you have used my Referral Code, you will get Rs. 100 as Referral Bonus which is Credited Directly to your Bank Account.
  14. Also, You can Withdraw your Rs. 500 Investment Anytime.
  15. If you want to Earn More Free Money then Share your Unique Referral Code with your Friends.

Why And How Finozen Gives Us 8.5% Return?

Well to Answer this Question, You First Know About Mutual Fund Investments.

There are Different Kind of Mutual Funds in Markets, Some are Risky and Some are Non-Risky. FinoZen App Invests your Money in the Non-Risky Mutual Funds of Reliance, you will also get a Proof of Statement from Reliance when your Money is Invested. That’s How FinoZen is able to give you so Good Returns.

 Finozen App

Also, when you withdraw your money comes directly from Reliance mutual fund to your bank account.

Is Finozen App Safe?

Yes, this app is made by IITs and IIM alumni. It’s completely safe and secure. Also, your money goes in non-risk mutual fund, hence the chances of losing your money are next to 0.

For How Much Time I Can Invest My Money?

It depends on you, You can invest for 1 day, 1 month, 6 months or even 1 year. All you need is to keep checking your money growing everyday. If you are satisfied with your earnings, you can withdraw all amount at once and instantaneously.

How Much I Can Invest?

Ok, So you can invest a minimum amount of Rs. 500 and up to 5 lac or even more. To invest, you must need to update your PAN Card, Bank details etc. In addition, i have attached a screenshot down below.

Finozen App

Can I Cancel My Invested Money?

Yes, Anytime !!

You always have an option to withdrawn your money back to your bank account. Just tap on your app’s menu and you will get a withdrawal option. Finally, fill your bank’s details and redeem all your hard cash to bank account.

How To Check My Investment Return?

If you want to know how much money you will get for any no. of days you want to invest then follow my instructions below.

  1. Open the Finozen App
  2. On the main screen, Tap on Calculator ( as shown in below image )
  3. Now enter the value you want to invest on the app and number of days.
  4. At the end, you will get a result of your expected returns. That’s awesome.!!

Finozen App

How To Contact Finozen?

Below are the details to contact Finozen team.

Finozen Physical Location: Finotrue Services Pvt. Ltd. #25, 9th Main, 18th Cross, 7th Sector, HSR Layout Bangalore – 560102, India.

Email Support[email protected]

Customer Support Number: +91-9206073021

So finally guys, As per my study about the app and having personal talk with the app’s higher team, I would strongly recommend you all to give it a try at least. If you have any other questions regarding the app, do ask me on comment section.

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