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Howdy, Bloggers!

Firstly, A Heartily Welcome to My Site Friendly Deals – A Platform Where I Share all the Currently Going Offers, Free Recharge Apps & Tricks, Some Worthy Android Apps Lists and about all Other Deals to Make your Life Easy & to Earn Some Free Money Online that are in Trends.

I’ve Started Friendly Deals on 11th March, 2016 Because of My Passion for Blogging as Blogging is all About Helping Others and Yes, I can’t Deny that Blogging is a Great Aspect for a Secure Future Building Because of Some Steady Money. The Journey at Starting is Very Difficult but with Time, I hope it will Became Easier.

Who I Am?

Tamal BasakI’m Tamal Basak & I’m the Mind Behind Friendly Deals.

I May Use Big Words at Times, But I’m a Really Simple Guy who Loves to Simplify Complex Stuffs.

I’ve Completed my Collage with the Course BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) from KiTM Collage Under WBUT in 2011. After Collage I’ve Decided to Get my Master Degree & Thus I Took Admission in Sikkim Manipal University for my MCA (Master in Computer Application). I’ve always been a Student of Computer Application. Now I Have Completed MCA & Fully in the Blogging Career.

When I was Completing my MCA, I got Some Idea of Blogging though it was beyond my Reach that Time. But After Saw few of my Online Friends Spamming their Blog Link Everywhere Inspired me to Create my Own Blog. I Remember, I’ve Created my First Blog with a GoDaddy Domain Name & Hosted by Ever-Green Blogger. Though that time I was Unaware of all the Basic things of Blogging like SEO and all Other Optimization Factors. So I could Only Spam my Links to Everywhere to Get Some Traffic & That’s it. Over Time, I Got Tired as there’s no Organic Traffic at-all and I didn’t even know How to Get that Organic Traffic & What is SEO. So I stopped.

After Maybe 1 Year, When I’ve Joined some Blogging Related Facebook Group, I came to know all the Basic Terms of Blogging. But it was not Possible to Ask everyone for Each of my Doubts, So I’ve Started Watching Youtube Tutorial & Google Search Things. It Helped Me a Lot. Now when I’m having few Co-Blogger Friends, I’m Getting Helps, Supports & Valuable Tips from them. Hope this will Brings to the Light of Some Good Success.

My Social Profiles to Connect :

I’m not the One who have Thousands of Social Profile but I’m Available in Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest (Pinterest is Only for Promotion Purpose)

You can also Contact Me, Using my Blog’s Contact Us Page. Don’t Worry, I’m Linking it Here.